This story is part of Sixth Tone’s five-year anniversary project Changemakers.

Sisi doesn’t wear women’s clothes anymore. It’s too dangerous.

The 20-year-old meets Sixth Tone outside the factory where she works in Dongguan, the southern Chinese export hub. Emerging from a crowd of workers clocking off the day shift at…

Header image: EyeEm/People Visual

“I used to enjoy having dinner with my friends, but since my son died, I no longer want to go,” says Wang, a woman in her early 60s who lost her only child in a car accident four years ago. “People my age like to talk about their children,” she…

Students attend a team meeting prior to a basketball game at a school in La Canada, California, U.S., Jan. 28, 2020. MediaNews Group via People Visual

The summer Zhang Lingli turned 14, she left her family in the southern city of Guangzhou behind and began a new life at a private high school in Virginia.

It didn’t go according to plan. Zhang — to protect the identities of my research participants, I have given them all…

The Award for Excellence in Feature: Camera Above the Classroom

Sixth Tone received two Awards for Excellence and three Honorable Mentions at this year’s Society of Publishers in Asia Awards.

Here is a list of our award-winning stories and the categories for which they were awarded:

An elderly woman stands on a street in Shanghai, May 1, 2019. Zhou Quan/People Visual

SHANGHAI — Huang Ernan knows the live-in caretaker she hires to look after her elderly mother isn’t really up to the job.

At 73 years old, the woman is only a few years younger than Huang’s mother, who is 85. …

A still from TV series “Nothing but Thirty,” 2020. From Douban

Late last month, a reporter with Sixth Tone’s sister publication, The Paper, reached out to me for comment on China’s latest televised hit: “Nothing but Thirty.” …

A domestic worker cleans a window during a government-organized skills competition in Hefei, Anhui province, Dec. 16, 2018. Wang Jun/People Visual

There are an estimated 35 million domestic workers in China. Mostly clustered in large urban areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi’an, they perform valuable services including cleaning, cooking, and caring for children and the elderly.

Yet for all their ubiquity, they are easily overlooked amid the bustle of China’s…

As Preslava Pavlova waited to begin her thesis defense for her undergraduate program in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, the 24-year-old felt nervous. Her nearly five years of studying at Xiamen University in eastern China could be for nothing if something went wrong over the next couple of hours.

China’s health authorities plan to remove pangolins from the country’s list of approved medical ingredients, effectively banning the use of the scaly mammals in traditional Chinese medicine, local media reported Tuesday.

The move comes just days after the country upgraded pangolins to “ level one” protected status. It also follows…

I’m part of what’s known in China as the “reform and opening-up” generation. Born between the late 1970s and early 1980s, just after the Cultural Revolution and decades of antagonism with the Western world, we grew up worshipping the United States. Many of my peers spent their college years preparing…

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